The Igneus

Retired from Imperial service, rescued from the salvage yards in the 39th millennium



The Igneus served admirably as a scout cruiser in the Imperial Navy during the 37th & 38th millennia, but following an ambush by an orkish pirate fleet led by Arch-Admral Bangraz Toecuttah was consigned to the scrap yard. There, she was destined to be cut apart (worse than the Brute class ram-ships had already done) and melted down – save for a last minute purchase by rogue trader Salimas Milkrayne in M39.253. She spent a king’s ransom restoring the Igneus to her prior glory, upgrading many of the systems contained within to state of the art specs (and in at least one case, outfitted her with a navigation chamber won in battle from an Eldar corsair), turning the former Naval cruiser into a flagship for a glorious Trader’s dynasty.

Salamis’ draining of the family’s coffers on this and other impulse purchases (including at least one forested moon) have put a considerable strain on the Milkrayne family’s finances which are felt even today, but the Igneus has served the family faithfully. Every scion of the Milkrayne family who has set out in the Igneus has returned, either with riches, glory… or for internment in the family crypts. The ship itself also seems to scan ships at random, and always keeps the prow lances at stand-by power, seeming to constantly itch for a battle, as if her machine spirits seek to avenge themselves for the defeat by orkish hands.


Ship Name: The Igneus
Class: Dauntless Light Cruiser
Speed: 7
Maneuverability: +15
Detection: +25

Turret Rating: 1
Shields: 2
Armor: 19
Hull Integrity: 60

Dimensions: 4.5 km long, .5 km abeam at fins
Mass: ~20 Megatons
Crew: ~65,000
Accel: 4.3 gravities

Essential Components
Jovian Pattern Class 3 Engine
Strelov 2 Warp Engine
Warpsbane Hull
Void Shields (Multi)
Command Bridge
Vitae Pattern Life Support
R-50 Auspex Multi-Band Sensors

Supplemental Components
Compartmentalized Cargo Bays
Temple Shrine of the God Emperor
Librarium Vault
Trophy Room
Observation Dome

Prow – Titanforce Lance
Str: 1 Crit Rating: 3 Dmg: 1D10+4 Rng: 6

Port/Starboard – Mars Pattern Macrobattery Broadside
Str: 4 Crit Rating: 5 Dmg: 1D10+2 Rng: 5

Complications/Past History
A Nose For Trouble

The Igneus

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