Vrayne Milkhorne, Rogue Trader


“Some Free Traders are just born lucky. They come into this world with a noble title and an Imperial Charter waiting to be signed. They go to all the right training centres, get all the right gene-mods and shake all the right appendages on their way to the top…”

“…and then there’s me.”

Very little is known about the Captain’s life before he took on this particular crew and started trading in this particular ship. He’s a laughing man of mixed moods, never short on wit or long on schemes, but he can also ride a razor-thin fuse when the moons are right… or wrong as the case may be. Calling him crazy would be overstating his melancholies. Suffice to say, Rogue Trader Milkhorne is in no way deficient of character. In every sense of the word.

He’s at least known, perhaps infamous, for being a very fair man. That cuts both ways and it can extend to years-long grudges if needed. People get exactly what they deserve from him, for good or ill. Traded with fairly, he’s a fast and loyal ally. Cheated, he can, and has, risked everything down to the last coffinarium nail in his engine bay to seeking revenge.

From his wide-brimmed Outerworlds hat to the quite markedly Dark Eldar bladed bracers he always wears, Vrayne is clearly… different.

There’s a lot more to learn about the Captain but only those who know him best, who serve aboard his vessel, will ever really get that chance.


Vrayne Milkhorne, Rogue Trader

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