Klare Karrolus - Unwanted Passenger

if you see her, I'll give you one.


She is NOT aboard ship. No No No. Not at all.

Nevermind that strange rattle in the elecrics that the Mechanicus hasn’t been able to locate.
Nevermind a few missing bits of food here and there. It’s just space rats. Yes, of course space rats exist! What else would it be? Haven’t you ever seen one? Buggers will bite your arm off, and can survive for nearly 30 seconds in void before their blood boils and they explosively decomp.

And Certainly the security team left that weapons locker unlocked, and the armor and rifle were just displaced. They’re around somewhere. Space rats don’t steal weapons.

There were no rats in the nest that was found, but definitely something big with short black hair was sleeping there. Hair about the right length for a rat…and smelling bad enough. So now some poison baits are out, and everyone’s hoping to solve the problem without any blast holes in the bulkhead.


Klare Karrolus - Unwanted Passenger

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